Forensics Team Competes at Virtual Tournaments

Students from Truman’s debate team attended virtual tournaments at Western Kentucky University and Washburn University and earned new qualifications to nationals.

At Washburn, freshman Aiden Breesawitz and sophomore Eli Bartz finished with positive records. Breesawitz finished as a quarterfinalist and earned his NFA qualification.

At Western Kentucky, juniors Alicia Stout and Elijah Baum were invited to the Alexis Elliott Memorial Round Robin, an exclusive competition where only 10 debaters in the nation were able to participate. Stout finished as third place speaker. Breesawitz and Baum were also invited to the Rising Stars Round Robin, which is intended for debaters going into their second year of debate. Truman continued its success at the WKU Debate the following days. Stout was a quarterfinalist and sixth speaker. Baum finished as 10th place speaker.

Students interested in learning more about the Forensics Union at Truman can contact Ben Davis, director of forensics, at
Two students at Western Kentucky
Four students at Washburn Warmup